Social Responsibility

We are passionate about aviation.
Aviation has allowed us to grow, expand our knowledge, meet and work with people from all over the world and see far beyond our horizons. We are fortunate and we apply our experience and our passion to make a positive impact on the world around us.


We believe strongly in the value of education. Without knowledge, we cannot make a positive science-based change. In our home community, we contribute to a unique high school STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) experiential program. Our program opens the students’ eyes to the wonders of aeronautics, instilling a sense of excitement for aviation and encourages them to consider a career in aviation.

We strive towards supporting our community in solving critical problems. As a company focused on the business aviation industry, we operate globally, actively supporting projects to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment. Our solutions include through lighter weight cabins to reduce fuel burn. We are repurposing materials rather than creating new ones. We innovate to bring positive change to the world.



Camber Aviation Management is working closely with a carbon sequestration program that will have a very positive impact on the environment and the safeguarding of the world’s forests, wildlands, lakes and oceans. The program will be announced together with an innovative carbon offset program in mid-2021.

Through our work with clients and suppliers, we encourage people to address social challenges in their region, same time managing our company to be socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. We support sustainable activities while providing insights from our own, first-hand, international experiences. We have a different perspective that helps find new ways to approach these challenges and make a positive impact. At Camber Aviation Management, we find it necessary to have this value embedded in our everyday work, our people, our professional conduct and our supply chain.


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