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Reimagining Excellence

Savvy corporate jet buyers may purchase an aircraft with excellent pedigree but with a worn or outdated cabin. These aircraft are often attractively priced but may require refurbishment before entry into service. As the aircraft ages, its cabin begins to show signs of wear and the original, highly capable communications, entertainment and galley systems no longer meet an owner’s and their passenger’s expectations.

We perform professional assessment of the aircraft’s technical condition combined with a budgetary estimate for an innovative cabin redesign to provide the necessary facts to support a potential buyer’s decision.

Update Your Classic

Much like your office or your home, it’s time to modernise your aircraft. You may have owned your corporate jet since new and have decided that a refurbishment and systems upgrade is necessary. Your aircraft has been depreciated and newer models are expensive. In fact, refurbishing is quicker than outfitting a new aircraft.  Whether a Bombardier, Airbus or Boeing, these aircraft are ideal candidates for an update. With the installation of performance modifications, upgrading of cabin systems and new exterior livery, it will be difficult to tell the difference between your jet and newer aircraft.

Experts With Experience

We are experts at corporate jet completion management and apply these skills equally well to cabin refurbishments. We assist our clients by assessing their aircraft, making experience-based recommendations on the refurbishment package. Camber manages the entire process from work scope definition and maintenance facility negotiations through to drawing reviews, technical oversight and final inspection prior to aircraft delivery.

We have the skills. All we need is your ideas and your jet.

Redesign Your Jet from Worn to Lustrous

We can develop your jet refurbishment program down to the last detail, transforming it into a pristine up-to-date aircraft.

Modernise Your Corporate Jet


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