Aircraft Reactivation Services

Travel restrictions, personal or business constraints may cause an owner to park their corporate jet for a period of time. If properly planned, your jet can be placed into short- or long-term storage until the aircraft can be gently woken from its sleep and reactiviated.


The time your jet is stored determines the preventative maintenance that needs to be performed to maintain its systems and appearance, as well as the time, effort and cost required to prepare it for flight. A well-planned storage program ensures a low-risk and lower cost reactivation.

Owners parking their corporate jet without adequate preparation or application of an approved storage program risk a time-consuming and often expensive process to prepare their aircraft for safe flight.

The Camber Team are experts at performing aircraft reactivation, discreetly and professionally, wherever the aircraft is located.

Camber has developed and managed effective storage programs that ensure an owner’s aircraft is well cared for when it isn’t flown. We manage the program, confirm all periodic checks are performed and, when the owner is ready to fly again, oversee the reactivation and test flights to assure the jet is fully capable once again.

Owners can rely on Camber to reactivate their aircraft following prolonged parking. We assess the aircraft, determine the work that needs to be performed, develop a detailed work package and then oversee the work to ensure that it is performed correctly, to a high quality standard, on-time and within the agreed budget. Occasionally the aircraft is parked at an airport that cannot perform the post-parking work package. In this case, Camber manages the process to safely ferry your aircraft to a qualified facility to perform the work package.

Get (Your) Jet Propelled

A cold dark hangar is no place for an amazing asset like your corporate jet. Wondering how to re-launch so you can enjoy the value of your investment? Let us help.

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