Advisory Services

Each of our clients is unique and has different requirements. Camber can provide tailored services to assist each of our clients.


A client may require an objective technical assessment on whether to upgrade and refurbish or replace their current aircraft. Our team’s aircraft inspection skills combined with our cabin completion knowledge can quickly provide an owner with answers to this complex problem.

Few operators have the necessary in-house skills to optimise their aircraft’s maintenance program, to increase reliability while reducing downtime and costs. Camber’s tailored programs address these issues.

Camber’s specialists understand these issues.
We provide professional solutions.

Owners seeking objective analysis on mandated avionics upgrades can rest assured that Camber can recommend cost-effective solutions tailored to the owner’s aircraft and operation.

We have also assisted clients in developing a new exterior livery design, selecting the best paint facility to perform the work and manage the complete process to the full satisfaction of the owner.


Camber has been trusted by its clients to provide advisory services including:

  • the technical assessment and detailed document review of candidate aircraft for purchase
  • provide guidance on the technical and operational aspects related to the purchase, lease or sale of an aircraft 
  • develop and oversee a heavy maintenance work package for a client’s aircraft
  • create an effective Aircraft Maintenance Program that increases aircraft availability and reliability tailored to the owner’s unique operation
  • perform a detailed review of aircraft management and maintenance invoicing 
  • analyse an operator’s operation to improve efficiency and reliability while reducing cost
  • review, update and catalogue aircraft technical records

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The possession of your private jet can feel overwhelming. Don’t go it alone. We’ll help protect your budget, and safeguard your interests to assure jet ownership is a wonderful experience.

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